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GSH Group creates innovative solutions in the facilities services industry.

At GSH Group, our business is built around delivering solutions to the facilities services industry that exceed our clients’ expectations. We are experts in facilities management services and specialists in mechanical services and energy management. Contracts are supported by our experienced managers and facilities support personnel including licensed building engineers.

GSH improves facilities while reducing costs for our customers.

We deliver value through innovative solutions. We work closely with each one of our customers to deliver a program that not only maintains the facility and building equipment, but also enhances value by improving the facility and reducing costs. This is driven by our experience in the field, including the implementation of well-planned maintenance programs, enhancing energy efficiency through no/low cost methods, and deploying cutting-edge account management systems.

We use the latest technology solutions to support our clients, with our computerized maintenance management system forming the hub of our solution with access from mobile applications. Contracts are supported by GSH’s 24/7 call center, providing immediate response to any request.

GSH provides facilities services to the marketplace. Our company uses talented and experienced facilities professionals around the world to maintain facilities of various types. Our primary goal is to deliver innovative solutions in order to maintain facilities with the highest standards while also achieving cost savings.

At GSH, our engineering expertise team is second to none in the facilities services industry. We are experts in the field of mechanical services, delivering service, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems through our site-dedicated stationary engineers and mobile workforce of licensed technicians.

GSH Group focuses on your facilities so you can focus on your core business.